The Griffin Knight Series

A Colossal Injustice

A Colossal Injustice
Title: A Colossal Injustice
Published: 7 Nov. 2022
Author's Twitter: @iammahjr
Griffin Knight hasn't even been in the city for 48 hours, and it’s already obvious that the information in front of him doesn’t add up. As a homicide detective, he's seen it all, but this murder is different. To kill someone in this manner is often a crime of passion or a deeply personal attack, and yet the evidence suggests otherwise. Why was he targeted? How is it connected to Seattle’s biggest megacorp? Was it someone he already knew? What if this is the start of something so much bigger? The only thing Griffin Knight does know is that he needs to find out who did this fast in case others are also at risk!

Assessed for Awesome Indies Book Awards