The CyberBardos

The CyberBardos
Title: The CyberBardos
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Published: July 2, 2014
“It felt like the universe was looking at me. He said he and I were as one.” The mysterious I AM sends morning greetings through media devices to all citizens of the world. The messages unleash humanity’s greatest hopes and most terrifying fears. Concerned the message may have an alien source, governments debate shutting down the World Net. To add to the cultural commotion, Jesus, a self-created entity, has escaped from the virtual New Jerusalem to spread the message, “I am the one behind the envelope.” Wizard cyberreality designer Sunshine Borden and high- tech toy saleswoman Rama Schuur go to extreme measures to discover the source of these messages. What they find is so unexpected that their lives will be forever transformed. Simultaneously, a killer driven by an internal voice hunts down those he believes allowed I AM to enter our world. A continuation of the futuristic thriller I Am the Other, The CyberBardos is a novel about the search for existential meaning, McKenna’s transcendental object at the end of time, mystical sex, and unexpected love.

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