Welcome to Awesome Indies Book Awards.

An Awesome Indies Book Awards’ Badge of Approval signifies that a self-published or independently-published book has been crafted and edited to the standards expected from major publishers.

The bronze or silver badge on the cover shows readers that they can trust that the book is a professional product worthy of their attention.

After receiving the Awesome Indies Book Awards’ Badge of Approval, books that we consider outstanding will receive the Awesome Indies Book Awards’ Seal of Excellence. 

Awesome Indies Book Awards does not charge a fee for an initial assessment, thus it follows that we do not pay our assessors.  However, after completion of the assessment, writers will be invited to make a voluntary contribution to our costs.  

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Although Awesome Indies Book Awards does not charge a submission fee or pay for assessments,  assessors may contact the writer directly to negotiate a professional fee for correcting errors.  The arrangement will be independent of Awesome Indies Book Awards and does not guarantee approval as the book will need to be resubmitted for assessment.

Awesome Indies Book Awards will continue to list and promote books verified as previously approved by Awesome Indies. Every book approved by Awesome Indies has a dedicated page on this site.

Awesome Indies Book Awards is a voluntary organisation.


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