Lucifer, Eve and Adam

Lucifer, Eve and Adam
Title: Lucifer, Eve and Adam
Published: November 15, 2016
When the actual existence of the human race is threatened by Eve and Adam's refusal to mate,The Creator orders her #1 angel-in-training, Lucifer, to earth to solve the problem. But with the clock running out on Eve's fertility and Lucifer's own profound fear of intimacy impeding any progress whatsoever, it's going to take more than a miracle for the inept, bumbling angel to bring the apparently incompatible and far-too-human Eve and Adam together. Lucifer Eve and Adam is a funny, fast-paced romp through the Garden of Eden. Inspired by Eve's Diary from the incredible Mark Twain, this "absolutely true" and "completely honest" story of Creation transforms the dark and dreary myth of universal mortality, the subordination of women, and the shame of original sin into a brand new narrative that reflects the joy of life, the strength of equality and togetherness, and the power emanating from the very first story of love.

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    January 22, 2017

    5 Stars

    Lucifer Eve And Adam by Peter Wilkes and Catherine Dickey Wilson tells the first love story from a unique perspective while injecting it with enough humor and wit to keep you laughing from the first page to the last. Fans of the movie Dogma and those who appreciate quick, biting, Monty Python-esque repartee are in for a treat! While I believe this book could be enjoyed by everyone, it should be noted that this a humorous interpretation of the story of the Adam and Eve, and those who might be sensitive to satirization of the Abrahamic origin story might not have a good time. The authors use the Christian mythology here to satirize modern gender roles, and they do so in a way that is entertaining and relevant to modern society.

    After a clever introduction and a brief dramatis personae, the story begins with The Creator and Lucifer monitoring the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve have an argument about, what else? Sex. The Creator insists that the story be told in the form of a movie script, and the format with which the reader is presented information is unique. Part film script, part theatrical play manuscript and part novella, the authors are certainly not afraid to play jazz with the conventions of novel and screenwriting, but the experimental approach never took away from the way the scenes and interactions are related to the reader. With help from The Creator and Lucifer, Adam and Eve evolve from using rocks, fruits, vegetables and animals (if Adam could catch them) to stimulate themselves to learning the important aspects of life: Happiness, Sadness, Trust, Science and Love. Surprised to see “science” in the list? Lucifer Ever And Adam makes clear the importance of logic and pragmatism, even while playing in the sandbox of a fantastical origin myth, and surprisingly handles it well.
    The story is charming and sharp from beginning to end, and while this will be a short read for most, it is the kind of story that one can easily imagine seeing again in another format. The authors clearly had an independent film or a feature-length stage production in mind when they set pen to page, and this piece has enough great lines to warrant an adaptation. Both funny and romantic, Lucifer Eve and Adam by Peter Wilkes and Catherine Dickey Wilson is easily a 5 star work.

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