Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany

Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany
Title: Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany
Published: August 17, 2014
Summer 1941. As America edges closer to joining the struggle against Hitler, reluctant operative Ryan Lemmon returns to Nazi Europe. Although his undercover assignment targets the Reich’s covert operations in Paris, the rescue of close friends from a fascist internment camp takes top priority. Ryan finds in Occupied France a cauldron of deception and unbridled cruelty. Torn by German exploitation and French collaboration, the country now teems with unforeseen dangers: A dying British intelligence agent whose help may prove deadly. A beautiful partisan whose cold heart could make or break his mission. A former lover trapped between Nazi operatives and the violent Parisian underworld. And deep in the shadows, a ruthless enemy playing a treacherous game of cunning and subterfuge. Lethal confrontation looms in this powerful sequel to the IPPY award-winning thriller Corridor of Darkness.

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  1. Reviewed by Awesome Indies

    Life Under Nazi Rule – No Holds Barred!

    March 17, 2015

    Ryan Lemmon, a former US State Department staffer turned OSS spy, tries

    to get his lover, Erika Kredow and her son, Leo, out of the clutches of her

    Gestapo husband, the evil Horst von Kredow, but things go horribly wrong.

    Rene Gershinger, a Franco-German who leads a resistance movement against the

    Nazis, helps Erika and Leo get to France, thinking Ryan has been killed in the

    operation. They leave Kredow wounded and his face disfigured – but nursing an

    obsessive desire for vengeance.

    Beacon of Vengeance: A Novel of Nazi Germany by Patrick W. O’Bryon is the

    second in a trilogy of Lemmon’s adventures during World War II. This story,

    which covers the period 1938 to 1941 and is set primarily in occupied France.

    O’Bryon has created a remarkable cast of believable characters and placed them

    in a setting that seamlessly melds his fictional characters with the events and real

    characters of the era. His descriptions are colorful without being overdone, and

    he gives the reader just enough to make the sounds, smells, sights – and fears –

    come alive. Reading this epic adventure, one can imagine that the conversations

    with Reinhard Heydrich and William Donovan actually took place.

    What O’Bryon has done particularly well in Beacon of Vengeance is show the

    inhuman cruelty of the Nazis, while still portraying them as humans – flawed, but


    I give this book a resounding five stars.

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