Lives Interrupted

Lives Interrupted
Title: Lives Interrupted
ASIN: B0062WC95E
Published: November 2, 2011
Author's Twitter: @shaunabickley
One moment can destroy your life. It’s an ordinary summer day in London until explosions rip through the underground. Matthew has been fired and Rosa is struggling to cope as their debts spiral out of control, but she has a plan. A plan she can’t share with Matthew. Meanwhile, his choices will wreck their lives in a way they can’t begin to imagine. Life is tough, but how much worse could it be? A bombing on the underground answers that question. Death and injury affect them as they struggle to survive, but those first few hours are only the beginning. They will never be the same, but can they learn to live with this new life they never chose? One moment can change your life. One moment that takes everything. That leaves nothing as it was. People you will never know. Their decisions take what was, and leave you with now.


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