Come on Home Children

Come on Home Children
Title: Come on Home Children
Published: July 5, 2014
Author's Twitter: @Entlover28
In the year 2042, when an unlicensed pregnancy is a felony, Willa’s little daughter Katy has been confiscated by the ruthless Bureau of Population Management. Unless Willa can rescue her she faces a life of stigma, toil and despair. With the help of some unlikely allies, Willa devises an audacious scheme to hide in plain sight and free Katy, but it will only work if she can find the courage to reinvent herself. When no one is what they seem, the truth can be a dangerous luxury. Come on Home Children, Book Two of Children in Hiding, is a dystopian thriller that tests whether love can outwit bureaucratic greed, and whether Willa can tread the treacherous path between reality and illusion.


The author has combined her three books, Get on Board Little Children, Come on Home Children, and City of Hidden Children
into a trilogy, The Children in Hiding Trilogy
Books in this series:
The Children in Hiding Trilogy
Get on Board Little Children1
City of Hidden Children3


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