Life in a Nutshell

Life in a Nutshell: a Riley Jones Novel
Title: Life in a Nutshell: a Riley Jones Novel
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Published: August 26, 2014
When Riley Jones’ husband, Jack, told her he was planning a blow up birthday surprise for her, Riley didn’t expect the surprise to come prettily wrapped as divorce papers. Now Riley is homeless, husbandless and penniless. As the debris of her life tumbles back to earth, Riley scrambles to pick up the pieces. Reinforced with determination and a dollar menu budget, Riley plunges back into single life and into the arms of an old flame, the irresistible firefighter, Deric. Will it be happily ever after, or will their relationship go up in smoke? Whether she’s hanging from a tree, hiding from the police, or making the evening news as a “person of interest” for criminal activities, Riley is unstoppable. Look out world, here comes Riley Jones. She’s somewhere she never intended to be...back out on her own. Except now, she’s divorced, dating and potentially dangerous! What could possibly go wrong?

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