Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep

Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep
Title: Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep
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Published: November 13, 2014)
A gentle rhyming story picture book for Kindle to share with ages 3-5 "Ferdinand Fox curled up in the sun as the church of St Mary struck quarter past one. His tummy was full, he was ready for sleep, and closing his eyes he began to count sheep..." When Peter Maceever spots Ferdinand Fox sleeping in his garden and tiptoes out to take a photo, Ferdinand opens one eye and goes right back to sleep! He has far more important things to do - like dream about cake and ice cream! Young children love the rhyming story text, the vibrant illustrations inside Ferdinand's dream bubbles and the counting of time as the church clock strikes from one to five. Includes simple word and picture matching pages at the end to share with pre-readers or preschool early readers.

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