The Elect

The Elect
Title: The Elect
Published: December 9, 2013
“An accidental encounter with an impossible flame leads Allison Noble down a path of self-discovery…”

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  1. Reviewed by Awesome Indies
    October 2, 2014

    The Elect follows high school student Allison through her discovery of supernatural powers she never imagined existed, let alone that she possessed. A riveting YA read, this novel delivers where so many fall short. The main character isn’t whiny or weak, nor is she dependent on her male interest. This is a fast, fun and completely mesmerizing read that I couldn’t put down. As soon as I’m done reading this, I’m going to go buy book two!

    The formatting and design of The Elect is professional and pristine. I saw only one editing error in the entire book (Allison’s mother puts a black “back” on her bed instead of a black “bag”) but it was so minor it only stood out in contrast to the lack of problems with the editing overall.

    The plot flows smoothly, paced to engage and draw the reader in. At the end, it really picks up steam and I can’t imagine how anyone could put it down during the last quarter without finishing.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the characterizations. The use of high school students tends to lend itself to stereotypes and while The Elect certainly had the popular crowd and the creepy dude, they were fleshed out and never reduced to place holders. The cast of this novel is quite broad and yet each remained distinct in personality and motivation.

    The only reason this isn’t a full 5 stars is because I found Delaney’s announcement that she was a member of The Elect to be forced. If she were a part of a secret society, she would probably be a little less insistent on exposing someone else’s secrets. Her behavior prior to her disclosure just didn’t match up with what someone in her supposed position would do. Other than that, this was a flawless book and I highly recommend it.

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