The Child-Stealers – Book 1 of The Cursed Ground

The Child-Stealers – Book 1 of The Cursed Ground
Title: The Child-Stealers – Book 1 of The Cursed Ground
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Published: January 20, 2015
Author's Twitter: @aroyking
A sudden, vicious attack by a band of raiders shatters the peace of the Till, an isolated agricultural community. But these marauders have carried off more than a few supplies and valuables. They’ve abducted a child, sister of a young man named Boon. To recover the lost child, Boon and a small force of loyal companions take leave of their simple village and march off into a vast, unknown forest in pursuit of the violent child-stealers. The Till has been at peace for generations, but now these farmers and tradesmen must track armed marauders through the wilderness, asking for help from distrustful strangers along the way. They know next to nothing about fighting or weapons, but somehow they must form a plan for confronting their enemies and wresting the stolen child away from them. The Cursed Ground historical-fantasy saga brings to life a long-gone era when humans lived for hundreds of years and all spoke the same language. This series tells the story of a group of defenders who struggle to protect their communities from the growing violence in the world around them. Meanwhile, a small brotherhood is charged with carrying an unpopular message to humankind: The Creator has declared that this violent world will soon come to an end.


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