Title: Bloodtrail
Published: January 9, 2014
Tired of his life and weary of his sins, Joseph Casey places himself in the hands of medical researchers as an object of study. A 400 year-old-vampire in the power of mere humans, he asks for one thing in return: help in finding his 14 year-old-daughter, who he has not seen in over 150 years. Credible, intelligent, and savage, BLOODTRAIL is a novel of love, lust, science, and intrigue. It transports the vampire fable to a new level of believability as it challenges the myths and legends and brings the genre into the here and now. From a slave ship run aground in 1635 to the secret laboratories of the Proteus Trust, from Chicago’s Field Museum to northern Arkansas, from the Colorado high country to the mountains of Austria, it is a gripping novel of surprising humor, tender moments, and merciless brutality. Travel the BLOODTRAIL with viable science, compelling characters, and crisp dialogue. But be careful. Something really is out there.

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