The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson

The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson
Title: The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson
Published: September 1, 2016
Author's Twitter: @MHSnowy_Dreamer
Hidden inside the most unlikely person can be the most extraordinary hero ... Jeremy Sunson is surrounded by crazy. Mrs Abercrombie, upstairs, is widowed because her husband glued feathers to his arms, jumped off the building and tried to fly. His neighbour, Strykland, has gone mad since his wife died in a freak car accident--his only thread to reality the doomsday machine he's building and his daughter ... and, of course, spacemen invade Jeremy's living room. Every night, in glorious Technicolour, there's a battle royal between two high-tech assassins who continually blast Jeremy's apartment to shreds. Each man has one mission: Red wants to kill Jeremy, Bronze wants to save him! Though his therapist insists he's just having bad dreams--Jeremy knows better. It's time to fight. He's sick and tired of being sick, scared and tired! Armed with rare confidence and a baseball bat, this night, Jeremy fights like the crazy man he isn't! But how can he ever imagine when he's won the battle, the war is only just beginning ... over and over and over again? The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson--ride a wave of laughter, fun, and sci-fi fantasy all the way to Armageddon!

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  1. Assessed by Awesome Indies

    December 21, 2016

    4 Stars

    In The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson, MH Snowy takes the reader on a cross-temporal rollercoaster ride through the first adventures of an unlikely hero and his many extra-dimensional counterparts, The Jeres, who are tasked with saving the worlds of the multiverse and hunting down powerful assassins through the back alleys of the time space continuum. There is a lot going on here, and while the work itself isn’t very long, the author does a good job of keeping the reader laughing and engaged while moving the sci-fi action elements forward at a breakneck pace. If you’re looking for a quick, light-hearted, science fiction drama with human elements as well as the highest stakes imaginable, the end of the world, The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson might be perfect for you.

    The book is well written and well edited, and while it is a short work, it sets the stage for many future stories. It’s hard to not give away too much of the plot, but the crux of this first outting is that the titular Jeremy Sunson and the many versions of him from the many extra-dimensional Earths work together in certain adventurous capacities to protect life as we know it. The history of a “new” Jeremy is established in this first book, giving the reader all of the necessary exposition while also providing a glimpse of the greater machinations going on behind the scenes. The universe here is truly limitless, as there are infinite timelines, infinite dimensions and near-infinite Jeres to go around. While being broad in scope, the author takes time to humanize even the secondary characters, particularly a brilliant father, whose hubris and eccentricity might unintentionally unmake existence as we know it – and his daughter, who provides a momentary change of pace for a story that is otherwise mostly full-throttle from beginning to end.

    The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson makes for a fun, quick read that fans of pulp science fiction tales will really enjoy. 4 stars.

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