I AM the Other

I AM the Other
Title: I AM the Other
Published: April 8, 2014
A series of messages are sent from an unknown source and leaders in government, religion and technology attempt to decipher the messages while trying covertly to use the messages to their advantage. John Tennyson, President of the United States is concerned about national security yet for Sunshine Borden, the world-class programmer, it represents a technological puzzle to be solved. In the midst of this confusion, a killer stalks victims and forces Sunshine to leave his laboratory to track him down.

Assessed for Awesome Indies

Listed on the previous Awesome Indies Website in the “Rough Cuts” Category.

This was a special page for fiction in the rough and included uncut diamonds found during the assessment process. These books did not receive “Awesome Indies Approval”  but were considered to have a spark of brilliance, perhaps in their ideas, world-building, or some new approach. The issues that kept them from the “Approved” list are things that most readers would not notice as the good qualities overshadow any inadequacies. Awesome Indies stated: (quote) “Rough Cuts are here because the author cannot afford the cost of the line editor needed to tidy it up, and we don’t want genius to be missed because the author hasn’t a huge budget.”