Secrets In The Mirror

Secrets In The Mirror
Title: Secrets In The Mirror
ASIN: B0B34H59Y1
Published: September 13, 2022
Author's Twitter: @LeslieKainAuth1
This book contains a racist term and explicit language.   “A psychological thriller perfect for our time” that “toes the fine line between sympathetic and terrifying,” Secrets In The Mirror is a sweeping saga of one family’s journey to rise above the toxicity of multigenerational domestic abuse and crime. Gavin struggles to salvage his self-esteem from Dad’s bullying, and from narcissistic abuse by his identical mirror twin. But when Devon gets into drugs and trouble with the Mob, people start dying. Gavin flees far away to protect himself and his new family. But he can’t escape his sociopathic brother, or the Mob. Yet inextricable bonds tie him to Devon, and Gavin vows to break the lethal chain of family dysfunction and rescue his twin from his self-destructive path. Can he save his brother before Devon destroys them both?

Assessed for Awesome Indies Book Awards

This book contains a racist term and explicit language.