The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags and Other Stories

The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags and Other Stories
Title: The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags and Other Stories
Published: 24 Jan. 2014
Author's Twitter: @mlamaga
An unhappy housewife flees with her lover as civilization collapses in a tsunami of trash. A bank teller aids invisible thieves. A welder learns she has the power to kill with a kiss. A hive of women transforms tourists with arcane sexual rites. A Korean War sniper stalks his doppelganger: a children’s television host. Amnesiac goddesses-turned-farmers struggle for survival in war-torn, post-apocalyptic Iowa. By turns emotionally resonant and irreverent, surreal and sexy, these ten stories swirl with unseen currents, blending the fantastic and the mundane to get to the deeper truths of our existence.

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  1. Awesome Indies

    February 25, 2014

    The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags is simply fabulous. A collection of short magical realism stories that hold together with a cohesive theme of beauty, this work is exquisite on every level. Each piece is well plotted, beautifully crafted and full of unexpected twists. I struggle to select a favorite as they all spoke to me, singing in harmony to create a wonderful reading experience separately or as a whole.

    From a critique point of view, The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags is a success not only in story telling, but also in craft and formatting. I found zero editing errors or misspellings, no odd turns of phrases or lagging pacing. In addition, the formatting is professional and quite beautiful. The author does an excellent job using the formatting to add visual interest to the stories. For example, in Mr. Happy the Sharpshooter, the inclusion of a riffle image at the section breaks adds a tone of menace to the story which enhances the entire piece.

    I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this book. Short stories are an interesting and difficult medium and Ms. Lamaga exceeded on every level.

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