The Sundered

The Sundered
Title: The Sundered
Published: November 26, 2013
Author's Twitter: @ruthannereid
In a world where the water kills, he must decide who lives or dies – humanity, or humanity’s broken slaves. Don’t touch the water, or it will pull you under. Conserve food, because there’s no arable land. Use Sundered slaves gently, or they die too quickly to be worthwhile. With extinction on the horizon and a world lost to deadly flood, Harry searches for a cure: the Hope of Humanity, the mysterious artifact that gave humans control over the Sundered centuries ago. According to legend, the Hope can fix the planet. But the Hope holds more secrets than Harry knows. Powerful Sundered Ones willingly bow to him just to get near it. Ambitious enemies pursue him, sure that the Hope is a weapon. Friends turn their backs, afraid Harry will choose wrong. And Harry has a choice to make. The time for sharing the Earth is done. Either the Sundered survive and humanity ends, or humanity lives for a while, but the Sundered are wiped out. He never wanted this choice. He still has to make it. In his broken, flooded world, Hope comes with a price.

Preferred Dead

Preferred Dead
Title: Preferred Dead
Published: November 20, 2015
Author's Twitter: @acspahn
On planet Thassis, the zombie apocalypse is over. The zombies won. Now what? The UELE Endurance arrives to find Thassis a world of death. As Captain Withers struggles to pass a performance evaluation and first officer Viktor Ivanokoff fights his feelings for security chief Areva Praphasat, the crew seeks a way to undo the damage that has been done. They have no way of knowing that what happened to the Thassians happened on purpose, and that the individuals behind it are lurking closer than anyone suspects.   Please Note:  The Endurance series is no longer available as separate volumes. The complete series of books 1 to 5 is available as one book.  Please click here.