Richard Sutton

The Red Gate

The Red Gate
Title: The Red Gate
Published: March 11, 2014
It’s a tale of family struggle and an ancient Irish legacy that begins late Summer, 1911 in Western Co. Mayo, Ireland. It begins, oddly enough with an unexplained drowning and a muddy fall into a pasture sinkhole. For a traditional Irish farming family, a chain of strange events leads them to uncover ancient buried secrets about themselves and their place in the greater world. As the greed and ambition of an unfolding plan begins to threaten their very lives, what will become of their home and it’s hidden legacy? What will become of their sheep? It's a rousing story of how one family confronts adversity and survives to enjoy another day with help coming from allies they didn't know they had! In these times, people who read will enjoy the change of pace and place and all the comfort that’s in it.

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The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers
Title: The Gatekeepers
Published: December 17, 2011
How do you keep a secret from family? Is there any point in trying? The O'Deirgs must protect their ancient Irish legacy. But their family is growing steadily and violence creeps closer than they know. Their simple life is upended again as lost family returns from America. The Irish Civil War, raging in the cities, now threatens to engulf a close family member in its terrible struggle. Maybe the blame lies with the local butcher, his shady secrets and his well-spiced sausages, or on the O'Deirgs' long history, or on the cousins from America, or on the practices of the Church, or on the local Innkeeper's past, or on the sheep - or maybe not. The Gatekeepers is the sequel to The Red Gate, which introduced the O'Deirg Secret to the world

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