The Slipkin Papers

The Slipkin Papers
Title: The Slipkin Papers
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Published: December 22, 2013
Have you ever wondered what lies behind the one-way mirror of reality? Eric Slipkin doesn’t until the day he rolls his little white Citroen on a high and lonely moorland road in Northern England. Then he finds out quite a lot about the far side of reality that surprises him, delights him and terrifies him – occasionally all at the same time. He learns quite a lot about Queen Victoria, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Laurel & Hardy and many others that he had never suspected. He also discovers that the real world in which we all live is not as ordinary and humdrum as we may believe. The Slipkin Papers tells a highly original and entertaining story that spans space, time and what lies beyond. Travel with Eric Slipkin on his journey of a lifetime and it may change the way you look at your own version of reality too.

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