The Kitchen Brigade

The Kitchen Brigade
Title: The Kitchen Brigade
Published: January 10, 2019
Author's Twitter: @laurieboris
If an army marches on its stomach, can a cook find a way to win the war? It's 2049. In a Russian-occupied America torn apart by civil war, Valerie Kipplander--daughter of the assassinated secretary of state--is thrown in jail. When the regime discovers this daughter of privilege is also a talented culinary student, she's forced into service in the kitchen of a Russian general whose troops occupy New York. The general's mansion proves a prison of a different sort. The head chef has a mysterious past, the Russians have a more insidious agenda than what they've promised, the resistance wants her on their side, and one of the guards wants her dead. Valerie knows she must take a stand. The risks are monumental, the choices few. But how long can she serve the men bent on destroying her beloved country?

Assessed for Awesome Indies Book Awards

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