Prophet of Chaos

Prophet of Chaos
Title: Prophet of Chaos
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Published: March 31, 2016
Author's Twitter: @jayhamlet
Nathaniel is a man of many gifts. First and foremost is the power of Prophecy. Whenever he sleeps, he dreams of possible futures. With that knowledge, he’s thwarted the world-shaking schemes of Angels and Demons alike. Not surprisingly, all of Heaven and Hell’s agents are always hunting him, eager to take down the notorious figure known as The Prophet. He’s spent most of his life as a homeless drifter, hiding. Recently, a series of visions has plagued him, threatening to force him out the shadows. A Senator with presidential aspirations is on one side, backed by Heaven’s forces and seeking to transform the world into a brutal theocracy. Demon-worshipping terrorists also stand ready to launch a bloody revolution through mass murders, demonic possession, and civil war. Nathaniel stands in the middle, struggling to prevent humanity from slipping into a new dark age. And he can’t do it alone.

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