The Happenstance Marshal

The Happenstance Marshal
Title: The Happenstance Marshal
Published: October 22, 2011
Millie has finished at the top of her class but no one is offering her a job. It's an obvious case of discrimination. To complicate things, her city is broke, business is bad, and everybody is struggling. A new reform council has been elected "to fix things" and they've hired “a hunk” as the new city manager. If Millie thinks her life is complicated now, she has no idea what's coming. Millie doesn’t know it but she is about to be thrown together to work with the “hunk” and as a result face both danger and sexual temptation. In spite of the challenges, their work together will open up the opportunity Millie has been seeking. It is an opportunity that will involve her in dangerous adventure and misadventure, mystery, and dangerous action. Through it all Millie will show she has what it takes to be a lawman

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