A Fatal Verdict: A Sister’s Revenge

A Fatal Verdict: A Sister's Revenge
Title: A Fatal Verdict: A Sister's Revenge
ASIN: B005C0YH48
Published: July 9, 2011
What would you do if someone murdered your child, but the justice system let you down? Kathryn Walters is faced with this dreadful decision when her daughter, Shelley, is found dead in her boyfriend's flat. Despite the best efforts of the Crown Prosecution barrister, Sarah Newby, it seems possible that the boyfriend, David Kidd, may be acquitted. Should her family tolerate this? Or seek their own form of justice through revenge? Sarah Newby finds herself defending a client who is not only reluctant to give evidence on her own behalf, but also refuses to explain why she chose Sarah to defend her in the first place ... The second book in a series of British legal thrillers which have been compared to the works of John Grisham, Scott Turow and Michael Connelly.


Books in this series:
A Game of Proof: A Mother's Fight to Defend her Son1
Bold Counsel: No-one hides forever3
The Blood Upon the Rose2
The Monmouth Summer3
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