Follow the Joy – A Memoir

Follow the Joy – A Memoir
Title: Follow the Joy – A Memoir
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Published: August 16, 2013
Author's Twitter: @TwidiotsTheBook
I believe our intuition can guide us to happiness. When I was 27, I bought a one-way ticket to India to put my beliefs to the test, and it worked.

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Title: Ripple
Published: September 10, 2014
Author's Twitter: @tuiallen
The twenty million year old story of how one dolphin was inspired by love to an intellectual achievement that changed the universe. Twenty million years ago, powers of the universe allow an ancient spirit one final chance to achieve a mysterious intellectual purpose, by incarnating it as a dolphin on the planet Azure (Earth.) The spirit is born as Ripple, a vulnerable female with a seeming tendency to insanity. She falls for the scarred fighter-dolphin Cosmo and love inspires her to achieve her purpose. But before she can communicate her discovery, she must overcome terrific odds among the terrors and tragedies of the ancient oceans. If she can succeed, the universe will change forever, and allow dolphins to profoundly affect the yet-to-evolve human race.

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