Finding Angel
Title: Finding Angel
Published: (September 1, 2011)
Angel doesn't remember her magical heritage...but it remembers her. Start with a struggle revolving around the source of magic. Is it genetic--or is it part of your soul? What if someone was using his powers to run experiments based on a complete misconception of the source of magic? Throw in a twisted family tree that's rooted in a centuries' old feud, a painting that (literally) holds the key to the truth, a mysterious and talkative beetle, and an Elven rocker who can play the songs of the stars on an electric guitar.

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Enchanters: Glys of Myradelle
Title: Enchanters: Glys of Myradelle
Published: November 26, 2013
While holidaying in Norway, Glys Erlendson encounters an eerie woman deep in the forest. Thereafter she is plagued by frightening visions, which no one can explain. After a terrifying, near-death experience, Glys discovers that she is not human, and belongs to a secretive race known as Enchanters. Fearful of her destiny, yet unable to remain in the human world, Glys is stalked by a host of sinister creatures who identify her as a future opponent. A grim warrior-magician named Tarune is sent to guide her safely to Myradelle, an Enchanter domain. But danger lurks at every step; in order to survive, Glys must embrace Mystiir, the limitless power of nature. To do so she must abandon her human shell, and accept what lies underneath. Aided by powerful companions, Glys' transformative journey leads her into dreamlike, prismatic Enchanter realms, a human city dominated by murderous Changelings, and into the terrifying Noctivoll Underworld, where her ultimate destiny – and that of the entire world – is finally revealed.

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