Twilight of the Ancients

The Darkening Dream

Darkening Dream, The
Title: Darkening Dream, The
Published: November 12, 2013
Author's Twitter: @asgavin
A young woman in 1913 New England struggles to keep her life and faith intact after her father inadvertently drags her into an ancient conspiracy involving a 900 year-old Vampire, a demon-loving Puritan Warlock, a disgruntled Egyptian god, and even the Archangel Gabriel.   Sarah’s life is a balancing act, juggling family tradition and college aspirations — rare enough in 1913 New England — but when she and her friends stumble upon a murder and the dead boy rises from the grave, things really get complicated. Family tradition, it turns out, is more than Friday night dinners. It also includes battling 900 year-old vampires, demon-loving puritan warlocks, and disgruntled Egyptian gods. Still, she never thought to be choosing between doing the right thing and her immortal soul.

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