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The Deliberate Sheriff

The Deliberate Sheriff
Title: The Deliberate Sheriff
Published: October 30, 2011
Marshal Millie Boyd has just finished her first term as the elected City Marshal of the small lake front City of Safe Haven Bay in Mountain County. In the last two years her achievements in bringing law and order to the City have made her a modern folk hero and gained her national recognition as a crime fighter. She has built a small local department of lawmen and women second to none and been named State Police Chief of the Year. Now Millie is being lobbied to run for election as County Sheriff and to join a reform ticket to clean up Mountain County's government. The County sure could use some help because the Sheriff's Department is a mess and the County is mired in mismanagement. If she runs for Sheriff as part of the reform ticket Millie will be leaving a Department and community where her future is assured. Millie however feels a greater duty calling. Little does she know she will be faced with a lot more than a Department in crisis. She will be faced with a mystery that has far reaching implications and a host of challenges which will tax her mental and physical stamina and abilities. Murder, danger, conspiracy, political challenges and intrigue are in Millie's future if she runs for Sheriff

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