Gemma James


Title: Epiphany
Published: June 14, 2015
He isn’t real. The stranger with the seductive eyes. The man whose phantom touch ignites me. The guy I’ve seen in my dreams for years. But it turns out he does exist because he’s standing in the bar where I work, sexy and secretive in the flesh. And those mahogany eyes that are as familiar as my own? They’re haunted. Rife with tragedy. Dark with an agenda. It can’t be a coincidence he appeared when the killings started. Now my nights are full of visions I’d rather not see. Death and despair. Victims and headlines. A reality I can’t escape. My dream lover is determined to protect me, and I’m determined to save him from the demons of his past. Together, we might just heal each other…if fate and a serial killer don’t get to us first.

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