The Forgotten

The Forgotten
Title: The Forgotten
ASIN: B0084O96RW
Published: May 18, 2012
Author's Twitter: @Dragonwriter12
What do you do when you discover an extradimensional plot threatening the safety of the entire world, but you can’t tell anyone because literally anyone on Earth could be part of it?   When Alastair Stone is asked to question a disturbed child who’s committed a horrific act, Stone has no idea what kind of rabbit hole he’s starting down. He uncovers more instances of appalling crimes, all committed by people with no history of violence. Before long Stone crosses paths with Jason Thayer, a young man searching for his runaway sister who might be a victim of the same bizarre affliction. Stone and Jason are embroiled in a network of odd homeless people, strange symbols, and deadly danger. Even if they find Jason’s sister in time, there’s no way to know if they can help her – and it’s soon clear that the problem’s a lot worse than they originally suspected.

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1 Reviews

  1. Reviewed by Tahlia Newland

    October 8, 2015

    5 Stars

    This is a wonderful urban fantasy. Great characters, different story line and no vampires! Wonderful. Worth it’s Seal of Excellence.

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