Intelligent Design: Revelations

Intelligent Design
Title: Intelligent Design
Published: October 27, 2015
    Sixty-five million years ago, Master Architect Janus institutes a plan to insure the human species survival, and Junior Architect Hades attempts to convert a tidal-locked planet, Terra, into a viable planet should Janus fail. But when the Gemini planetoids inexplicably collide, all seems lost. In 2008, the FBI whisk doctoral student Andrea Perez away before her experiment begins, and Lieutenant Colonel David Farrell watches classified information disappear from the Department of Defence’s data-bases. Years later, FEMA director of Readiness & Disaster Roberta Josephine Riesman begins to connect the dots only to find that the catastrophe that awaits the planet is just the beginning.


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  1. Reviewed by Awesome Indies

    August 5, 2014

    This is a well written Sci-Fi book, set in the recent past and the future on both Earth and other planets in the solar system. Humans were not the first ones here, but were engineered by a group of beings known as Terrans. The Terrans have been successfully hiding their own planet from view of the earthlings using sophisticated technology, which has now begun to fail. The humans have noticed, and the FBI becomes involved in the search for answers.

    Intelligent Design gives the reader both current and past scientific theories and events, and brings them together in an enticing soup of conspiracy, humour, high-tech gadgets, and existential questions.

    As well as being an enjoyable and interesting traditional Sci-Fi read, this book has also been edited and proofed to a high standard. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to dyed-in-the-wool Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

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