Seal of Excellence

Awesome Indies Book Awards: Seal of Excellence

Books bearing the pure gold Awesome Indies Book Awards Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Independent Fiction are our top books. They have been reviewed by three or more editors who have agreed that these books are outstanding in their genre.

What makes a book worthy of the Seal of Excellence? It’s those that have something extra. Perhaps a strong voice, a new or bold approach, or just a great, well-written story. It’s hard to be specific about the exact qualities, but reviewers know a Seal-worthy book when they read it. One of our reviewers said this:

“To me, reading a fantastic book is like watching an incredible dancer. There are good dancers who perform the music with wonderful technique and accuracy, and I enjoy watching them (4 stars). But the dancer who causes me to live the music in such a way that I don’t realize I’m watching is the true artist (5 stars). An author who draws me into the story and lets me experience it through the actions and dialogue of the characters so that I have a sense of loss and maybe a little regret when I re-enter the real world – that is an author who writes one hell of a book.”