The Awesome Indies closed in February 2018

after the tragic death of the coordinator, Brian Sfinas.

However …

Volunteers have launched a new assessment and approval award for self-published or independently-published books.

Awesome Indies Book Awards is open for new submissions, but we are desperately short of suitably qualified assessors, so it might take several weeks before your book is assessed.

We are also experimenting with an alternative assessment method whereby we will look objectively at different criteria rather than giving an overall review.

Awesome Indies Book Awards will continue to list and promote books verified as previously approved by Awesome Indies.

Awesome Indies Book Awards is a voluntary organisation.


AWESOME INDIES BOOK AWARDS desperately needs more assessors. Please click here to read about joining our assessment team,

The email address is working, so if you notice any errors on this website, please contact admin@awesomeindies.net.

If you promote your Awesome Indies Book Awards approved work on Twitter, please include the registered hashtag #AIBk