Sherry Roberts

Book of Mercy

Book of Mercy
Title: Book of Mercy
Published: September 8, 2011
Author's Twitter: @sherryroberts7
A town banning books. One woman stands against the censors – and she can’t read. Can she win?   Dyslexic Antigone Brown has trouble reading road signs, keeps a stone in her pocket to help her remember right from left, and despairs of ever being a good mother to her unborn child. She runs a deer farm and vegetarian café in Mercy, North Carolina, where Irene Crump and the Mercy Study Club have started removing "undesirable" books from the school's collection. This is a fight Antigone doesn't want to get involved in, battling for the very things that have made her life a misery--books. When Antigone starts her own library to help the town's children, she sets in motion a series of events destined to change Mercy forever. If you like serious subjects (censorship) treated with a sprinkle of humor, you'll love Book of Mercy.