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This page was copied from the previous Awesome Indies Website. The page was last updated on November 20, 2017. In due course, except for the “Rough Cuts” category, each of the books listed here as approved by Awesome Indies will have its own page on this website with a link provided on this page.  

The page was titled, “Other Approved Books,” but also included the category: “Rough Cuts.”

Contemporary Fiction

A Lifetime Burning: Linda Gillard

After the Dog Died: M P Pardy

After the Rising: Orna Ross

Along the Watchtower: David Litwack

Bang (memoirs of a Relationship Assassin): David Wailing

Blue Mercy: Orna Ross

Book of Mercy: Sherry Roberts

Born a Refugee: DixianeHallaj

Coffee and Vodka: Helena Halme

Don’t Tell Anyone: Laurie Boris

Drawing Breath: Laurie Boris

Edge of Dreams: Debbie Bennett

Fall of the Flamingo Circus: Kate Rigby

Fortunate: Andrew JH Sharp

Hang On: Nell Gavin

House of Silence: Linda Gillard

I Run: A Novel: E.L. Farris

In Leah’s Wake: Terri Giuliano Long

Letters from Wishing Rock: Pam Stuckey

Loose Dogs: Kirsten Mortensen

Lost in Seattle: Bruce Louis Dodson

My Name is Hardly- Book Two of the My Temporary Life Trilogy: Martin Crosbie

My Temporary Life: Martin Crosbie

Orla’s Code: Fiona Pearse

Pandora’s Bottle: Joanne Sydney Lessner

The Actress: Keith Dixon

The Clock of Life: Nancy Klann-Moren

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna: Peter Maughan

The Fabulous Dreams of Maggie De Beer: Andrew Crofts

The Ghosts of Eden: Andrew JH Sharp

The Santa Shop: Tim Greaton

The Scottish Movie: Paul Collis

The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space: Brian Sfinas

The Tale of Findo Gask: Huw Thomas

The Widow’s To Do List: Stephanie Zia

Tollesbury Time Forever (Frugality Book 1): Stuart Ayris

Treasure Me: Christine Nolfi

Untying the Knot: Linda Gillard

White Horizon: Jan Ruth


A Fatal Verdict: Tim Vicary

A Game of Proof: Tim Vicary

Bold Counsel: Tim Vicary

Dead Wood: Chris Longmuir:

Defending Elton: TJ Cooke

Missing Believed Dead: Chris Longmuir

Night Watcher: Chris Longmuir

Syd & Marcy: Beaird Glover

The Death Game: A Kirsty Campbell Novel: Chris Longmuir

The Happenstance Marshal: Michael O’Gara

Thump: Avraham Azrieli

Weekend in Weighton: Terry Murphy


Contemporary  Fantasy

A Perpetual Mimicry: KP Ambroziak

Exhale: Kendall Grey

Inhale: Kendall Grey

Just Breathe: Kendall Grey

Puppet Parade: Zeinab Alayan

The Battle for Brisingamen: Harmony Kent

The White Oak: Kim White

Dystopian Fantasy

Botanicaust: Tam Linsey

Provoke Not the Children: Michael W. Anderson

Historical Fantasy

Cliff of the Ruin: Bonnie McKernan

Pro LuceHabere Volume 1: KrisiKeley

Pro LuceHabere Volume 2: KrisiKeley

Restitutions of the Blood: Lila Richards

The Fire: John A. Heldt

Traditional Fantasy

Ardalia: The Breath of Aeoles: Alan Spade

Cold Angel Days: Clive S. Johnson

Enchanters- Glys of Myradelle: David Bryan Russell

Gaspar the Thief: David A. Lindsay

Henrietta the Dragon Slayer: Beth Barany

Leiyatel’s Embrace: Clive S. Johnson

Lichgates-Grimoire Saga #1: S. M. Boyce

Red Leaves and the Living Token #1: Benjamin David Burrell

Shardfall: Paul E. Horsman

Shrine of the Desert Mage: Stephen Goldin

The Bone Road: Mary Holland

The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky: David Litwack

The Sixth Wife: Laura Lond

Treespeaker: Katie Steward

Waterspell Book 1: Deborah J. Lightfoot

Zihaen: Paul E. Horsman

Historical Fiction

A Salt Splashed Cradle: Chris Longmuir

Across the Mekong River: Elaine Russell

An Unbreakable Bond: Mary Wood

At Drake’s Command: David Wesley Hill

Becoming Lola: Harriet Steel

Betrayal: Michelle Kallio

City of Dreams: Harriet Steele

Corridor of Darkness: Patrick O’Bryon

Counter Currents: Shaun J. McLaughlin

Dark Under the Cover of Night: Jayne Castel

Death Order: Jan Needle

Deer Run Trail: David Lewis

Equilibrium: Evie Woolmore

Feud: Derek Birks

Gang Territory: Peter St. John

Heat Lightning: Ruth Coe Chambers

I Stopped Time: Jane Davis

Inceptio: Alison Morton

Indian Blood: J.D. Kipler

It’s Just Lola: Dixiane Hallaj

Misere: Caren J. Werlinger

Montfort, The Early Years, 1229 to 1243: Katherine Ashe

Oleanna- A Novel of Norway in 1905: Julie K. Rose

Olivia, Mourning: Yael Politis

Only the Impassioned: H.C. Turk

Orphan of the Olive Tree: Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

Peanut Butter for Cupcakes: Donna Nordmark Aviles

Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides: Willett Thomas

Requiem: William Gordon

Salvation: Harriet Steel

South of Burnt Rock, West of the Moon: G.J. Berger

The Betrothal: Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

The Blood upon the Rose: Tim Vicary

The Clock of Life: Nancy Klann-Moren

The Curiosity Cabinet: Catherine Czerkawska

The Figurehead: Bill Kirton

The Fire: John A. Heldt

The Gatekeepers: Richard Sutton

The Journey: John A. Heldt

The Mine: John A. Heldt

The Monmouth Summer: Tim Vicary

The Red Gate: Richard Sutton

The Ruby Brooch: Katherine Lowry Logan

The Sun’s Companion: Kathleen Jones

The Year of the Horsetails: R.F. Tapsell

Time Passes Time: Mary Wood

To Catch a Dream: Mary Wood

Tom Fleck: Harry Nicholson

Tomorrow Brings Sorrow: Mary Wood

When Women Were Warriors: Book I: Catherine M. Wilson

Humor and Parody

An Animal Life: The Beginning: Howard Krum

Doodling: Jonathan Gould

Dragons Away: K.D. Berry

Few Are Chosen: M.T.McGuire

Flidderbugs: Jonathan Gould

Growing Disenchantments: K.D. Berry

Lydia Bennett’s Blog: Valerie Lewis

Magnus Opum: Jonathan Gould

My Sparkling Misfortune: Laura Lord

Raise the Gipper: John Barnes

Scribbling: Jonathan Gould

Shuts and Failures: Michael Maiello

Stim: Keven Berry

The Last Days of Disco: David Ross

The Slipkin Papers: Paul Morgan

The Sparrow Conundrum: Bill Kirton

The Warden Threat: D.L. Morrese

The Warden War: D.L. Morrese

The Widow’s To Do List: Stephanie Zia

The Wrong Stuff: M.T. McGuire

Unspent Time: Graham Parke


Mantequero: Jenny Twist

One Blood: QwantuAmaru

Talion: Mary Maddox


Blue Mercy: Orna Ross

Cold Angel Days: Clive S. Johnson

Peripheral Involvement: Bob Waldner

Ripple: A Tale of Hope and Redemption: E.L. Farris

The First Noble Truth: C. Lynn Murphy

These Fragile Things: Jane Davis

Waterspell Book 1- The Warlock: Deborah J. Lightfoot

Writing is Easy: Gert Loveday

Magical realism

A Hole in the Pavement: Tahlia Newland

A Paris Haunting: Janet Doolaege

Dark Night of the Soul: E.M.Havens

Dogtooth Chronicals: Kirsty Fox

Orange Petals in a Storm: NiamhClune

Shadow on the Wall: Pavarti K. Tyler

Subterfuge in Heart: Tobias Troy

The Evolution of Reptilian Handbags and Other Stories: Melanie Lamaga

Vine- An Urban Legend: Michael Williams

Metaphysical fiction

A Lifetime Last night: David Homick

Another Space in Time: Richard Bunning

Ball Machine: Simon J. Townley

Big Sound Temple: Ben Stevens

Doguar and the Baboons of War: Simon J. Townley

Equilibrium: Evie Woolmore

Intelligent Design: J.M. Erickson

Lost in Thought: Simon J. Townley

Mareritt (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files): Krisi Keley

On the Soul of a Vampire: Krisi Keley

Pro Luce Habere: Krisi Keley

Ripple- A Dolphin Love Story: Tui Allen

Shadowline Drift: Alexes Razevich

Stewards of the Flame: Sylvia Engdahl

Sunspots: Karen Bell

The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman: Michael Alan Peck

The Cyber Bardos (Book 2 of I AM the Other): Philippe de Vosjoli

The Emancipation of Giles Corey: Michael Sortomme

The Glass Guardian: Linda Gillard

The Land Beyond Goodbye: Barbara Scott Emmett

The Ups and Down of Being Dead: M.R.Cornelius

Threads The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn: Nell Gavin

Vingede (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files Book 2): Krisi Keley

Out of the box

The Imagination Thief: Rohan Quine

Rough cuts

Henry’s Re-entry: Welcome Cole

I AM the Other: Book 1: Philippe de Vosjoli

Season of the Serpent Book One: David Nova

Season of the Serpent Book Two: David Nova

The Codex Lacrimae Part Two: The Book of Tears: A.J. Carlisle

The Codex Lacrimae The Mariner’s Daughter and Doomed Knight: A.J. Carlisle

The Pleasure of Memory: Welcome Cole


All the Blue-Eyed Angels: Jen Blood

Bad Publicity (An Isobel Spice Mystery): Joanne Sydney Lessner

Death of a Serpent (A Serafina Florio Mystery Book 1): Susan Russo Anderson

Kiss and Tell: T. J. Cooke

Lies of the Dead: Shauna Bickley

Matinicus – An Island Mystery: Darcy Scott

Never Surrender: Susan Vaughan

Red Gloves (The Samaritans Conspiracy Book 2): Tim Greaton

Reese’s Leap – An Island Mystery: Darcy Scott

Sins of the Father: Jen Blood

Southern Cross: Jen Blood

The Deliberate Sheriff: Michael O’Gara

The Fourth Season: Dorothy Johnston

The Glade: Harmony Kent

The Grave Blogger: Donna Fontenot

The Temporary Detective (An Isobel Spice Mystery): Joanne Sydney Lessner

To the Fair Land: Lucienne Boyce

Unprotected Sax: Tony McFadden

Vingede (The Friar Tobe Fair Tale Files): Krisi Keley


Contemporary Romance

A Very French Affair: Faith Mortimer

Finding Home: Jackie Weger

Loose Dogs: Kirsten Mortensen

Midnight Sky: Jan Ruth

Shattered Blue: A Romantic Thriller: Jan Taylor Starwood

Sunspots: Karen S. Bell

That’ll Be The Day: Pam Howes

The Englishman: Can Love Go The Distance? : Helena Halme

The Possibilities of Amy: Jaye Frances

Wild Water: Jan Ruth


Caged: Bey Deckard

Consumed by Love: Pavarti K. Tyler

Fantasy Romance

Swallow The Moon: K. A. Jordan

Mr. Real: Code of Shadows: Book 1 (Volume 1): Carolyn Crane

Historical Romance

Dark Under the Cover Of Night: Jayne Castel

Sky Tinted Water: Keta Diablo

The Mine: John A. Heldt

Science Fiction

Another Space in Time: Richard Bunning

Doodling: Jonathan Gould

Doomsday Diaries I (Vol. 1): Aaron B. Powell

Daimones: Massimo Marino

Enduring Endurance: Amy Spahn

Future Prometheus: Emergence & Evolution: J. M. Erickson

Intelligent Design: Revelations: J.M. Erickson

Leiyatel’s Embrace: Clive S. Johnson

Lifeform Three: Roz Morris

Mightier than the Sword (Endurance Book 2): Amy Spahn

Paw-Prints Of The Gods: Steph Bennon

Scat: Jim Graham

Sequela: Cleland Smith

Spirits Of Glory: Emily Devenport

Stewards of the Flame (The Hidden Flame Book 1): Sylvia Engdahl

The Disenchanted: Kate Policani

The Plague: David Kraine

The Ups and Downs of Being Dead: M. R. Cornelius

The Wrong Stuff (K’Barthan Trilogy #2): M. T. McGuire

Under  Cover (Endurance Book 3): Amy Spahn

Short Stories

A Hole In The Pavement: Tahlia Newland

Ariel’s Dream: Tahlia Newland

BJs on the Roof: Kirsten Mortensen

Endgame: David Wiseheart

Ghost of the Living: David Wiseheart

Mirror Image: Richard McCullough

Sacred Striptease: Tahlia Newland

The Bone Knife: Intisar Khanani

The Christmas Dragon: Ruthanne Reid

The Cistern Mission – A Short Story: Michael Dadich

The Silver Collar: Kate Policani

Short Stories – Collections

A Matter of Perception: Tahlia Newland

Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories: David Bunning

Implosions of America: David Biddle

The Dark Inside: Donna Galante

The Sun Zebra: R. Garcia

Maniac & Other Stories: Debbie Bennett

Thrillers &  Suspense

Admission of Guilt (The Detroit I’m dying Trilogy, Book 2) (The Detroit I’m Dying Trilogy): T.V. LoCicero

Bad Traffick: A Leine Basso Thriller: D.V. Berkom

Bloodtrail: David R Lewis

Childhunt: A Mystery & Suspense Thriller in the Bestselling Diana Rivers Series (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Book 5): Faith Mortimer

Corridor of Darkness, A Novel of Nazi Germany: Patrick O’Bryon

Desolation Run: James Snyder

Epiphany (Legacy of Payne Book 1): Gemma James

Generation (A medical thriller): William Knight

Hamelin’s Child: DJ Bennett

Identity: Shawna Seed

Inceptio (Roma Nova Book 1): Alison Morton

Infected (Click Your Poison Book 1): James Schannep

Killing Jenna Crane: Lynette Sofras

Life First: (a dystopian thriller): RJ Crayton

Lifting the Lid – A comedy thriller: Rob Johnson

Lost In Thought: Simon J. Townley

Lying in Wait: Elizabeth Jasper

Night game: Carol Davis Luce

No Good Deed: A Psychological Thriller (The Mark Taylor Series Book 1): M.P. McDonald

No Last Tattoo:  Isabel Chloe

Paying the Piper: DJ Bennett

Serial Date (Leine Basso Thriller Book 1): D.V. Berkom

So Say the Waiters book 1 (So Say the Waiters book 3): Justin Sirois

Tea Cups & Tiger Claws: Timothy Patrick

The Assassins’ Village: A Mystery & Suspense Thriller in the Bestselling Diana Rivers Series (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Book 1): Faith Mortimer

The Car Bomb (The Detroit I’m Dying Trilogy, Book 1): T.V. LoCicero

The Hollow Man: Paul Hollis

The Lupane Legacy: A Joshua Denham and Devon Kerr Thriller (Joshua Denham and Devon Kerr Series Book 1): Darby G. Holladay

The Obsession (The Truth Beauty Trilogy Book 1): T. V. LoCicero

The Surgeon’s Blade: A Diana Rivers Mystery Thriller (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Book 3): Faith Mortimer

When the Siren Calls: Tom Barry

True stories

Fastmovin’ train: Pam Howes

Follow the Joy: Jason Kurtz

I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry: Susie Kelly

Murder in the Synagogue: T.V. LoCicero

Rupee Millionaires: Frank Kusi

The Planet-Girded Suns: Sylvia Engdhal

Women’s fiction

Aunt Nellie B: Dixiane Hallaj

Awakening: Secrets of a Brown Eyed Girl: Carol Davis Luce

Can’t Live Without: Joanne Phillips

Fathom Lines: Erin Bedford

Holding On: Mel Morton

Husbands May Come And Go But Friends Are Forever: Judith Marshall

Losing it all: Marsha Cornelius

Love & The Goddess: Mary Elizabeth Coen

Love and Other Subjects: Kathleen Shoop

March: Sunni Overend

Olivia Mourning: Yael Politis

Ripple: A tale of hope and redemption: E.l. Farris

The Awful Mess: Sandra Hutchison

The Land Beyond Goodbye: Barbara Scott Emmett

The Widow’s to do List: Stephanie Zia

Walking With Elephants: Karen S. Bell

What the Dog Ate: Jackie Bouchard

Children’s Fiction

Eeek! The Runaway Alien: Karen Inglis

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep: Karen Inglis

Fizz & Peppers at the Bottom of the World: M.G.King

Nimpentoad: Henry Herz

Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale: Gina LoBiondo

The 5th Wish: Dixiane Hallaj

The Secret Lake: Karen Inglis

Thomas and the Tiger-Turtle: Jonathan Gould

New Adult

Colorworld: Rachel E Kelly

Demon’s Grip: (Diamond Peak Book 3): Tahlia Newland

Dream Student (Dream Series, Book 1) (Dreams series): J.J. DiBenedetto

Eternal Destiny (Diamond Peak Book 4): Tahlia Newland

Identity: Shawna Seed

Kaleidoscope: Kevin Berry

Lethal Inheritance (Diamond Peak Book 1): Tahlia Newland

Lichgates Book One of the Grimoire Saga (an Epic Fantasy Adventure): S.M. Boyce

Mark of the Dragon Queen: Katie W. Stewart

Orange Petals In A Storm (Skyla McFee Series Book 1): Niamh Clune

Stalking Shadows (Diamond Peak Book 2): Tahlia Newland

Stim: Kevin Berry


Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

Heaven Is For Heroes: PJ Sharon

Meggie Blackthorn (Meggie Blackthorn Series Book 1): Elizabeth Jasper

Scratches on the Surface: Aaron Smibert

Shattered: Jeannie Palmer

Telling the Sea: Pauline Fisk

The Elect (Allison’s Story Book 1): Elle Todd

The Genius of Little Things: Larry Buhl

White Chalk: Pavarti K. Tyler

Young Adult Fantasy

Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Demon’s Grip: (Diamond Peak Book 3): Tahlia Newland

Eternal Destiny (Diamond Peak Book 4): Tahlia Newland

Finding Angel (Toch Island Chronicles, Book 1): Kat Heckenbach

Lethal Inheritance (Diamond Peak Book 1): Tahlia Newland

Seeking Unseen (Toch Island Chronicles, Book 2): Kat Heckenbach

Stalking Shadows (Diamond Peak Book 2): Tahlia Newland

The Silver Hawk (Chronicles of Tyria Book 1): Beaulah Pragg

The Silver Sphere (The Kin Chronicles Book 1): Michael Dadich

Young Adult Dystopian

Deviation (The Sophisticates Book 1): Christine Manzari

Enigma Black (Enigma Black Trilogy Book #1): Sara Furlong-Burr

Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles Book 1): Laura Kreitzer

Waning Moon (The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy Book 1): PJ Sharon

Western Desert (Chronicles of Lily Carmichael Book 2): PJ Sharon

Young Adult General Fantasy

Arrow of the Mist: Christina Mercer

Dragons Away: K.D. Berry

Growing Disenchantments: K.D. Berry

Henrietta The Dragon Slayer (a young adult epic fantasy adventure) (The Five Kingdoms (Book 1): Beth Barany

Lichgates: Book One of the Grimoire Saga (an Epic Fantasy Adventure): S.M. Boyce

My Sparkling Misfortune (The Lakeland Knight series, #1): Laura Lond

Runemaster (The Shardheld Saga Book 2): Paul E. Horsman

Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles Book 1): Intisar Khanani

The Dark Shadow of Spring (The Young Sorcerers Guild – Book 1): G.L. Breedon

The Silver Sphere (The Kin Chronicles Book 1): Michael Dadich

The Wizard of Time (Book 1): G.L. Breedon

Untimed: a Time Travel Adventure (Rules of the Regulator Book 1): Andy Gavin

Young Adult Steampunk

Smoke and Magic (Blood and Gold: Book One 1): Patti Larsen

Tethers (The Tethers Trilogy Book 1): Jack Croxall

Young Adult Urban/Paranormal Fantasy

Don’t Judge a Book By its Magic: Kate Policani

Eden at the Edge of Midnight: John Kerry

Farsighted: Emily N. Chand

Gears of Wonderland: Jason G. Anderson

Ghost Hand (The PSS chronicles Book 1): Ripley Patton

Midnight Blue: Pauline Fisk

Sacrifice (Daughters of Lilith): Jennifer Quintez

Silent Symmetry (The Embodied Trilogy Book 1): J.B. Dutton

Super Nobody: Brent Meske

The Between: L.J. Cohen

The First: Sara Zaske

The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers Book 1): G. P. Ching

Thrall (Daughters Of Lilith Book 1): Jennifer Quintenz

Matt Archer, Monster Hunter: Kendra C. Highley

Untimed: A Time Travel Adventure (Rules of the Regulator Book 1): Andy Gavin

Middle Grade

Almost Perfect (Timber Ridge Riders Book 6): Maggie Dana

Arrow of the Mist: Christina Mercer

Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys – First in the Boulton Quest Series: ND Richman

Chasing Dreams (Timber Ridge Riders Book 5): Maggie Dana

Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble: D. Robert Pease

The Moon Coin (The Moon Realm Series Book 1): Richard Due

The Stone Lions (Volume 1): Gwen Dandridge

Magical Realism/ Metaphysical Fiction

You Can’t Shatter Me: Tahlia Newland

Science Fiction

Amy’s Pendant: A Sci-Fi Counter-Fantasy Novel: D.L. Morrese

Doguar and the Baboons of War (The Tales of Doguar Book 1): Simon J. Townley

Enigma Black (Enigma Black Trilogy Book #1): Sara Furlong-Burr

The Sundered (Among the Mythos Book 1): Ruthanne Reid

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