Fantasy – Contemporary

Here you'll find some of the most interesting contemporary fantasy for young adults. If you’re sick of the usual fare and you're looking for deals and want top-quality as well as cost-effective prices - you’ve come to the right place. Books listed here meet the same standards as those published by mainstream publishers of quality YA contemporary fantasy.

Click on the book cover for details and reviews of each book. The cover link will take you to the US Amazon store where you can buy the book online in either Kindle or paperback format. The text links below the book cover section will take you to the UK Kindle store. For details of other sellers and ebook formats, click on the author’s name here or on the Author’s page.

Lethal Inheritance: Tahlia Newland. To survive a rescue mission in a hidden realm, ex-fencing champion, Ariel, must learn a secret esoteric wisdom or die at the hands of demons who feed on fear. KoboSmashwordsAppleB&N

The Silver Sphere (The Kin Chronicles): Michael Dadich. Shelby Pardow never imagined she could kill someone. That's about to change. All Kindle; Kobo.

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