Metaphysical fiction

Enjoy our list of outstanding indie metaphysical fiction. Our team of experienced reviewers has evaluated each of the independent metaphysical fiction titles listed below for quality and strength of story. Each one of these books has been determined to be of the same standards of quality as a mainstream metaphysical fiction tale.

A  definition of metaphysical fiction and how it differs from related genres can be found on Tahlia Newland, reader, writer and reviewer.

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Adult Titles

Mareritt (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files): Krisi Keley.

Do demonic nightmares and fairy tale visions bury a dark secret or is the past simply struggling to reach the light?

Orange Petals in a Storm: Niamh CluneNiamh Clune. Transported into the hauntingly beautiful dream-world of the imagination, we find shelter from every hazard and outlive the longest night.  Plum Tree Books.


Vingede (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files). Krisi Keley| An adolescent boy who speaks mysterious, rhyming riddles… a mute teen girl who can only communicate through art… Is there a sinister connection between the cases?

Young adult