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1066: What Fates Impose
The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson
Admission of Guilt
The Adventures of Gracie & Monkeybear, Book 1: Summer
After The Dog Died
The Ahe’ey Series
All the Blue-Eyed Angels
Alpha Redemption
Among The Branded
Amy’s Pendant
And Justice for Some
An Android Dog’s Tale
An Animal Life: The Beginning
Another Space in Time
Ariel’s Dream
Arrow of the Mist
At Drake’s Command
Awesome Allshorts: Last Days, Lost Ways
The Awful Mess
Bad Publicity
Ball Machine
The Battle for Brisingamen
Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany
A Beautiful Family
Becoming Lola
The Berserker and the Pedant: The Complete First Season
Blood Read: Publish And Be Dead
Bloodie Bones
The Bone Knife
The Book of Barkley – Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever
Book of Mercy
Born a Refugee
Breathing for Two
The Broken Horizon
The Butcher's Block
Caged (Baal’s Heart Book 1)
Castles in the Air : A Family Memoir of Love and Loss :
A Chance to Come True
Chasing the Dead
Checkpoint Kalandia
The Child-Stealers – Book 1 of The Cursed Ground
The Children of Darkness (The Seekers)
Children of the Keeper
The Chinese Spymaster
Chloe The Clone
The Christmas Dragon
City of Dreams
City of Hidden Children
Clad in Armour of Radiant White
Class Of ’59
Click Date Repeat
Cliff of the Ruin
The Clock Of Life
Coffee and Vodka
Cold Angel Days
Come on Home Children
The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman
Consumed by Love
Core of Stone
Corridor of Darkness – A Novel of Nazi Germany
Corruption of Power
The Cuckoos of Batch Magna
Currents of Change
Curse Breaker
Daemon Seer
Darkening Dream, The
The Darkest of Suns Will Rise
The Darkness
The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky
Dead Wood
The Death Game
Delirium – The Rimbaud Delusion
Delivering Virtue
Demon's Grip
Disappear Our Dead
The Disenchanted Pet
Disturbing Clockwork
Doguar and the Baboons of War
A Dog’s View of Love, Life, and Death
Don’t Call Me Kit Kat
Don’t Judge A Book By Its Magic
The Dragons’ Chosen
Dream Student
The Dry Lands
Dual Domination
Ed Undead – The Chronicles of a Teenage Zombie
Eden at the Edge of Midnight
The Elect
The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative
Enduring Endurance
The Englishman: Can Love Go the Distance?
Eternal Destiny
Eye Spy
A Fair Wack
The Fatal Coin
Feast of Mercy
Feast of the Epiphany
Few Are Chosen
Fifty Egg Timer Stories
The Figurehead
The Fire
First Noble Truth, The
The Five Lions of the Volta
Fizz & Peppers at the Bottom of the World
Flank Street
The Flower Seller
Forgive Me, Alex
The Forgotten
Four Nails
Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal
A Funeral for an Owl
FUTURE PROMETHEUS: Emergence and Evolution
Gang Territory
Get on Board Little Children
The Ghosts of Eden
Gifted Thief
The Glade
The Grave Blogger
Hamelin’s Child
Hand of Chaos
Heads You Lose
A Hole in the Pavement
Hollow Moon
The Hour of Parade
Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever
I Stopped Time
Imagination Thief, The
The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
In The Wreckage (A Tale of Two Brothers)
Indiana Belle
Intelligent Design
It’s Just Lola
Jack Of Souls
The Jinn’s Jest
Kalanon’s Rising
Killing Jenna Crane
King’s Table
The Land Beyond Goodbye
The Last of the Firedrakes
Lethal Inheritance
Lies of the Dead
Life First
A Lifetime Last Night
The Light Of Reason
The Likeness
Little Rabbit
Lives Interrupted
The Locksmith’s Secret
Losing it All
The Losing Role
Lost in Seattle
Lucifer, Eve and Adam
Lupane Legacy, The
Lydia Bennet’s Blog: the real story of Pride and Prejudice:
Magnus Opum
The Man His Father Was
Material Evidence
Matt Archer: Monster Hunter
A Matter of Perception
Me-Time Tales
Memories of Ash
Mightier than the Sword
The Mighty
The Mirror
The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway
Missing Believed Dead
The Moon Coin
Murder in the Synagogue
Murphy (F.IS.T.S. #2)
Mystical Mountain Magic – Deceiver
Mystical Mountain Magic – Redeemer
Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou
Never Summer
The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
Night Watcher
No Stranger to Death
Not Without Risk
Now That We’re Adults
The Obsession
Off the Beaten Track
On the Soul of a Vampire
On the Verge
Once Humans
One Last Lie
One Night at the Jacaranda
Patchwork Man
Paw-Prints Of The Gods
Penny for Them
Photographic: A Novel
Pieces of Love
The Plague
Plaint for Provence : 1152 in Les Baux
Playback Effect
Playing Charlie Cool
Poison Heartbeats
Pro Luce Habere
The Prodigal Son
Prophet of Chaos
Protecting Portia
Quest For The Holey Snail
Rarity from the Hollow
Red Clover
Regarding Anna
The Retail
Revolution Earth
The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire
Riding the Dog
Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan
Rupee Millionaires
Sail Upon the Land
A Salt Splashed Cradle
Sarge (F.IS.T.S. #1)
Scottish Movie, The
Sea Change
Secrets of the Pomegranate
September Sky
Sexual Adventures of Time and Space, The
Shadow on the Wall
Shadowline Drift
Shattered Blue
Short & Happy, (or not)
The Silver Collar
Six Months to Get a Life
Sky Tinted Water
The Source
South of Burnt Rocks – West of the Moon
The Sparrow Conundrum
Special Omnibus Edition of “The Sugar House Novellas"
Spirits Of Glory
Stalking Shadows
Stewards of the Flame
Stone and a Hard Place
The Stone Lions
The Stuff of Stars
Sugar & Salt
The Sundered
Super Nobody
A Taste of Triskele
The Temporary Detective
Then She Was Born
These Fragile Things
The Threshold
Time Lapse
To Do the Deal, A Novel in Stories
To The Fair Land
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Toru: Wayfarer Returns
Trusting the Currents
Two Mothers One Prayer
Under Cover
The Underground Princess
The Ups and Downs of Being Dead
A Vampire’s Tale: The Sea of Time
The Vanguard
Walking with Elephants
Waning Moon
The Warden Threat
The Warden War
The Warrior’s Path
Western Desert
White Chalk
Wind Catcher : A Chosen Novel
Worlds Within Worlds
Wrinkled Heartbeats
Writing is Easy
Wrong Stuff, The
You Can't Shatter Me

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