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Vingede (The Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files). Krisi Keley| An adolescent boy who speaks mysterious, rhyming riddles… a mute teen girl who can only communicate through art… Is there a sinister connection between the cases?

The Glade: Harmony Kent.
You are being arrested for the murder of your husband...You have a secret you can't tell...The evil is gathering...

All the Blue-Eyed Angels: Jen Blood.Investigative journalist Erin Solomon sets out to solve a mystery that's haunted her since childhood.

The Grave BloggerDonna Fontenot.Raya, a freelance blogger, researches cold cases for true crime websites. One case in particular, the Bayou Family Slaughter case, stirs macabre memories, but are they real or imagined? 

Kiss and Tell T J Cooke

Southern Cross: Jen Blood.

The Deliberate Sheriff:Michael O'Gara

Unprotected Sax: Tony McFadden.

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