Contemporary Fiction

The best independent contemporary fiction available today is listed below. All of the contemporary fiction promoted here has been evaluated by and received recognition from reputable editorial reviewers for excellence in writing. We only recommend the smartest independent contemporary literature from authors of the highest quality. This is modern indie fiction at its finest.

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The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space: Brian Sfinas. A group of twenty-nothings becomes addicted to the concept of lucid dreaming. After medically inducing themselves into comas with the goal of extending their lucid experiences, something inevitably catastrophic happens.


Drawing BreathLaurie Boris. Private lessons bring sixteen-year-old Caitlin deeper into the life of her art teacher, a man with cystic fibrosis. Attempting to protect him, though, she makes one very bad decision. SmashwordsB&N. Kobo

My Name Is Hardly-My Temporary Life #2: Martin Crosbie. A beautiful girl is missing and may not want to be found, a soldier on his last and most dangerous mission, and a vow made to a dying friend.


Coffee and Vodka: Helena Halme.

Nordic Noir meets Family Saga in this heartfelt story of immigration and family breakup.

Born a Refugee
Four brothers and their widowed mother live in the claustrophobic environment of their two room house amidst the backdrop of the continual political violence of the region.

The Ghosts of Eden: Andrew JH SharpWinner of the 2010 Waverton Good Read Award for the best first novel by a British author, and shortlisted for the 2011 International Rubery Book Award, The Ghosts of Eden is a compelling story of loss, infatuation and atonement.