The Source

The Source
Title: The Source
Published: December 15, 2015
Author's Twitter: @Dragonwriter11
The portals are closed. The Evil have lost their pathway between their home and ours. No longer does humanity need to worry about extradimensional bodysnatchers with a thirst for pain and terror pouring through to wreak destruction on Earth. The problem is, while there might not be any new Evil coming through, a whole lot of very powerful, very angry Evil are still stuck on our side. Desperate now, they’re forced to put aside their…

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Books in this series:
Core of Stone5
The Threshold3
Stone and a Hard Place1
The Forgotten

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    Reviewed by Tahlia Newland – June 2, 2016

    Another excellent book book in the Alistair Stone Cronicles. This series is a must read for urban fantasy fans. The author has the wonderful ability to write exciting action-packed books that also give sufficient weight to character development.

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