The Source
Published: December 15, 2015
Author's Twitter: @Dragonwriter11
The portals are closed. The Evil have lost their pathway between their home and ours. No longer does humanity need to worry about extradimensional bodysnatchers with a thirst for pain and terror pouring through to wreak destruction on Earth. The problem is, while there might not be any new Evil coming through, a whole lot of very powerful, very angry Evil are still stuck on our side. Desperate now, they’re forced to put aside their differences and work together to come up with an ambitious plan to get their pipeline of soldiers up and running. And now they’ve got a dangerous ally on their side: a black mage with a longstanding hatred of Stone. Will Stone and his friends figure out what the Evil are up to before they can set into motion something that can’t be stopped–and that will end up killing thousands of people in the process?


Reviewed by Tahlia Newland

Another excellent book book in the Alistair Stone Cronicles. This series is a must read for urban fantasy fans. The author has the wonderful ability to write exciting action-packed books that also give sufficient weight to character development.







Books in this series:
Core of Stone5
The Threshold3
Stone and a Hard Place1
The Forgotten

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