River Rising

River Rising
Title: River Rising
Published: September 18, 2017
Weeks after his parents disappear on a hike, engineer Adam Carson, 27, searches for answers. Then he discovers a secret web site and learns his mom and dad are time travelers stuck in the past. Armed with the information he needs to find them, Adam convinces his younger siblings to join him on a rescue mission to the 1880s. While Greg, the adventurous middle brother, follows leads in the Wild West, Adam, journalist Natalie, and high school seniors Cody and Caitlin do the same in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Like the residents of the bustling steel community, all are unaware of a flood that will destroy the city on May 31, 1889. In RIVER RISING, the first novel in the five-book Carson Chronicles series, five young adults find love, danger, and adventure as they experience America in the age of bustle dresses, gunslingers, and robber barons.

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    4.5 Stars

    When Adam Carson’s parents, Tim and Caroline Carson, mysteriously disappeared, he and his siblings were left to wonder what had happened to them. Then, he learns from their lawyer that his parents are/were time travelers who went through a portal to another time, and have not returned. Baffled at first, Adam shares this news with his siblings, and little by little, learns that what he thought impossible is, in fact, true. Now, the Carson siblings must decide what to do. They finally decide to cut ties to the present and plunge into the past in search of their parents, and that’s when the excitement begins to build to a fever pitch in John A. Heldt’s River Rising.
    Moving from the present to the late 1800s, and from Flagstaff, Arizona to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and then on to other places and times, they find themselves caught up in historical events that they’d hitherto only read about, or in some cases, had been totally unaware of, always just moments or days behind their temporally peripatetic parents.
    Heldt does a masterful job of dealing with the anomalies of time travel, making it seem almost plausible, all the while sharing with the reader the inner dynamics of a close-knit family unsettled by the unthinkable. The siblings find danger, love, and challenges aplenty, and the reader is treated to an alternative view of history in the process.
    A well written story that will keep you turning pages from start to finish, with characters that are easy to identify and empathize with. This is book one of a series that flashes back and forth through time, a bit like the carnival bumper car ride, where the way is forever blocked by unforeseen obstacles.
    I give this one four and a half stars.

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