Hole Pavement

When you’re reading a sweet, tender story of romance, you don’t expect to be on pavements with holes in them, or at bus stops, or held in the routines of the morning’s commute, and you certainly don’t expect that setting to contribute to the story’s charm. That, however, is exactly what Tahlia Newland has achieved [...]


                        Sixty-five million years ago, Master Architect Janus institutes a plan to insure the human species survival, and Junior Architect Hades attempts to convert a tidal-locked planet, Terra, into a viable planet should Janus fail. But when the Gemini planetoids inexplicably collide, all seems [...]

Caged by Bey Deckard

Bey Deckard is new on the scene of writing. His first novel Caged is holding the attention of many of it’s readers, keeping the pages turning. Readers are eagerly awaiting whatever he has planned next! What started your interest in writing m/m fiction? My interest in writing fiction came first. I sat down and wrote a few [...]


While on a family trip to Wallace, Idaho, Kevin  finds a relative’s secret diary that explains the shed in the back yard is actually a time machine.  Being young and adventurous, Kevin decides to have a go and is transported to 1910.  He makes friends, develops a positive reputation within the town, and even lands [...]


This is the story of a solo road trip by 18-year-old Angie, who goes in search of adventure after her high school graduation in America. Who wouldn't be intrigued by that? A true coming-of-age account, Angie aims to discover her own country, visit Canada, and find the answers to some of her questions about life. [...]