With earth on the brink of several mass extinction events, we earthlings need help. Luckily for us, there's a planet on the far side of the sun, on a nearly identical orbit, and that planet is not uninhabited. Welcome to the solar system in Intelligent Design, where all four planets in the habitable zone were [...]

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S & H publishing are running  Goodreads paperback giveaways for each of their authors. Pop over to their website and click through to enter. These Goodreads giveaways close on the 9th of September.


‘The Commons: The Journeyman’ is a delightfully unusual book that spans multiple genres. It takes place in the Commons, a place between life and death, something like purgatory for Christians and the Bardo of Becoming for Buddhists. On the surface it’s fantasy, but, like my own work, it’s also metaphysical fiction and, because of the [...]


Readers know a good story when they read it. They know when characters are strong, when dialogue and pacing are good, when the plot is interesting and the end satisfying, but few readers know what makes good writing as in the prose, the actual words you place on the page. The following are not rules, [...]


It's time for the tenth and penultimate installment of the AIA Vlogs! This week we find out what strange and wonderful physical things the Authors do in order to loosen up after a long day of writing. A couple of weeks ago I conducted a series of Skype interviews with eight Awesome Indies authors. Out of [...]