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Author's name: Harriet Steel How do your interests and work experience affect your writing?: I write historical novels so unsurprisingly a long-standing interest in history has had a powerful influence on me. The novels of Philippa Gregory and CJ Sansom are among my favourites and that led me to write about the Elizabethan era in [...]


The Awesome Indies is getting a brand new website. Tahlia Newland (coordinator), Ruthanne Reid (designer), and a team of volunteers have been working hard this past month to get ready for the opening on the 1st of November. The new look site will be set up as a shop with purchase buttons linking to all [...]


Author's name: Mary Maddox Website: http://www.ancientchildren.com What is your latest novel called and what is it about?: Daemon Seer is the the sequel to my horror novel, Talion. As a teenager Lu Darlington escaped the sadistic serial killer known as the Professor of Death. The daemon Talion saved her. Ten years later, with the killer dead [...]

Gang Warfare Front Cover SilverWood

Enjoy this illustrated reading from Gang Warfare by Peter St John  

Hole Pavement

When you’re reading a sweet, tender story of romance, you don’t expect to be on pavements with holes in them, or at bus stops, or held in the routines of the morning’s commute, and you certainly don’t expect that setting to contribute to the story’s charm. That, however, is exactly what Tahlia Newland has achieved [...]