Dorothy Johnston: Author & Reviewer

Author's name: Dorothy Johnston Website: What is your latest novel called and what is it about?: My latest novel is called ‘The Fourth Season’. It’s the last book in my Sandra Mahoney mystery quartet. I think of it as an extended meditation on Canberra and multiple levels of betrayal. A review of ‘The Fourth [...]


At first glimpse, this book is almost a spitting image of any of the Dresden Files, only with a female protagonist. You have a rich urban fantasy setting filled to the brim with weird things passing themselves off as people, you have a mystery involving some sort of supernatural creature (a zombie, as it happens), [...]


I enjoy a good “over-educated, amoral, young men commit crimes” novel, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Both the point-of-view character, Nicolas, and his friend, Estrade, have little-to-no scruples about anything they do, be it seducing a neighbor’s wife, stealing from nuns, or committing murder. Set in a community of British ex-pats in the Brittany region [...]


It's time for the sixth installment of the AIA Vlogs! This week we find out why they decided to publish via the Indie route some of the reasons might surprise you! A couple of weeks ago I conducted a series of Skype interviews with eight Awesome Indies authors. Out of these interviews I put together a [...]

No 2 Dog Nose

Today I asked the authors whether their pets were a help or a hindrance. In the main Achille detracts available writing hours whilst addingthose available for thinking, plotting. So on balance he is probably a goodwriter thing. Many readers would argue that I might be better off with asurplus of dogs, and a complete absence [...]