Author's name: PJ Sharon Website: http://www.pjsharon.com What is your latest novel called and what is it about?: PIECES of LOVE is a Contemporary Young Adult Romance. Sixteen year-old Alexis Hartman wants nothing more than to play her guitar and get high, hoping to escape the pain of losing her sister. But when her second arrest [...]


‘Enigma Black’ by Sara Furlong Burr is a high-powered urban, science fiction story that includes romance, heart break, action and even cause to stop and think. Just how easily would Americans give up their freedom if they thought it were the price they had to pay for safety? Set in a future time when a [...]


Intelligent Design  by J.M Erickson, AIA Publishing's first ebook , is now available for purchase. The paperback will be available in the middle of next month.          Sixty-five million years ago, Master Architect Janus institutes a plan to ensure the human species survival, and Junior Architect Hades attempts to convert a tidal-locked [...]

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It's time for the seventh installment of the AIA Vlogs! This week we meet the cute and fluffy companions of our authors. This video is all about PETS and how they help or hinder the writing process. Enjoy!   A couple of weeks ago I conducted a series of Skype interviews with eight Awesome Indies authors. [...]


I asked some more authors whether their pets were a help or a hindrance to their writing.   Dory's now too big to fit in my lap at my desk computer, where I work all day. But I do most of my fiction writing on a small laptop, late at night in a reclining chair, [...]