I am thrilled to be published by AIA Publishing

            I am thrilled to be published by AIA Publishing!  I have been writing for just a couple of years and am a self-described indie writer. I truly enjoy the freedom of having input and control over the various stages of my work, from content to pricing to cover. But with that comes great responsibility.

             To be considered seriously, you need to be professional. When you’re an Indie writer, you must meet, preferably exceed traditional publishing standards. An indie writer shoulders the burdens of editing, marketing, and getting solid, impartial criticism. Book covers, good story line and great characters are very important to a good book. But if its editing is off, if the marketing is limited to friends and family, and if reviews are either absent or poor, your book is doomed.

             In my search to find stringent editing services and informative, impartial reviews, I came across Tahlia Newland’s Awesome Indies website. Easy to navigate and understand, I thought there must be some errors in regards to their pricing. They were so low! In life when something is too good to be true, it’s not true. If quality services are too low, they typically lack quality. These corollaries do not apply at all to Awesome Indies. I cautiously tested the AI review process on a previously edited book. I was very pleased with both the quality and extensiveness of their review process, their recommendations and reviews, and feedback on how to improve my writing.

             The story gets better. Once I completed my recent novella, Intelligent Design: Revelations, I was all set for Awesome Indies to do both editing and book reviews, but then I saw that AI published under its own name. That’s if you meet their strict and thorough editing process.  Once again, I thought there had to be a problem with their website pricing. As always, Tahlia patiently explained the process, costs, and the services to produce a well-edited book. Easy to work with, very responsive, and high informative, Tahlia has been remarkably helpful!

 AIA Publishing differs from other publishing companies. AIA Publishing is not about making money and squeezing the indie writer’s resources dry in order to receive mediocre services. Rather, they are laser focused on providing high quality books at costs that are more than reasonable.  Tahlia gives authors complete ownership and control of their work, she provides quality services, coordinates with gifted professionals, and gives very good advice to make your book a success.

             When AIA Publishing is stamped on my book, it means high quality from knowledgeable professionals that love books for books sake.  I am thrilled to be published by AIA Publishing!

J.M. Erickson

Author of

Intelligent Design: Revelations,

Birds of Flight novel series &

Future Prometheus novella series

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