Author Pet-iculars: Wolfie and Zeus

Peter St John

Written by his character Jenno Bryce.

It were real kind o’ yew, Tahlia, ter ask us ter write about our pets. The trouble is, Oi ain’t got no pet, properly speakin’, but the boy in moi gang wot lives next door, John Hitchcock (we call ‘im “Ichyprick”) ‘as got a dog wot Oi pet sometimes. It’s a real big dog loike a sort o’ Labrador, but Oi reckon as ‘ow ‘ee got a bit mixed up with an Afghan wolf’ound somewhere along the line, ‘cos ‘ee’s got a long rough coat. ‘Ee looks kind o’ fierce, but when yew get ter know ‘im, ‘ee jus’ rolls on ‘is back invitin’ yew ter rub ‘is belly; wot don’t stop ‘im barkin’ at the postgirl. Cripes, the new postgirl, wot brings the letters now, leaves ‘em at our place, rather than go through Ichyprick’s gate.

Itchyprick & Wolfie

‘Is name is “Wolfie”, an’ Oi s’pose ‘ee looks a bit loike a wolf, though Oi ain’t never seen a real wolf; there ain’t many of ‘em about these days, ‘cept in them fright’nin’ stories fer little children loike Little Red Ridin’ ‘Ood.


Jeannie Palmer


Zeus (1)

Say hello to Zeus, my spectacular furbuddy and close writing companion.  Closely related to the african serval, he can leap tall buildings in a single bound, open doors, flush toilets and swim in the lake. Savannah cats are an exotic breed and behave more like a dog than a cat.
On chilly mornings, as I’m sipping a steamy cuppa joe, he will lay curled in my lap, contentedly purring as I hammer away on my keyboard.  Zeus even has his own little fan club and is a ham for a camera.  Often, when we go for walks, people will stop and request having their picture taken with him.
You will often see me running around barefoot, for good reason.  Much like a puppy, Zeus loves shoes.  Roughly 75% of my shoes are minus the back half, which, of course, makes walking in those shoes a bit awkward.
Zeus loves flying and going for rides in the car.  He knows how to work the automatic window button, so, for safetys sake, I lock the power and keep him harnessed (just in case).
At 7 years of half, he’s about halfway through his life cycle, though I hope he lives longer than the average life span for his breed.  A very loving cat, intelligent, entertaining…..he’s the purrrrfect companion for my lifestyle.

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