Announcing ‘The Awesome Indies Seal of Approval’

Authors of books listed on the Awesome Indies site may now apply to the administrator for a seal of approval that can be placed on the book cover. In order to be awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Approval, books must be approved by three qualified reviewers, at least one of which is a regular contributor to this site, or one of the site’s back-up readers. The standard of prose required for the seal is higher than for inclusion on the site, therefore placement on the Awesome Indies list does not guarantee award of the seal.


The seal appears on book covers as a pure gold version of the above. The actual seal is only available from the site administrator, the back and gold version is used for display on the author’s website.


If you wish to apply for the Awesome Indies seal of approval, please email the administrator (Tahlia Newland) along with links to any reviews you have by qualified reviewers ie an Awesome Indies recommended reviewer, or someone with a degree in Creative Writing or English Literature, or an author or editor who is or has been employed in that capacity by a well-known traditional publishing house. The administrator will double check your book and let you know when a decision has been reached.

The standard of prose  required is something that would satisfy editors Renni Browne and Dave King as explained in chapter 11 of “Self-editing for fiction writers.”

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