Buy ‘The Journey of Fallen Rock’ (children’s fiction) and help raise money for the Awesome Indies.

Bill Merical, author of Awesome Indie listed and BRAG medallion winner The Journey of Fallen Rock says

‘let’s help raise some money for Awesome Indies. Go to the pay button below and purchase a signed copy of The Journey of Fallen Rock for $10 (shipping included) and $5.00 will be kept by Awesome Indies. Just make sure we know who to sign the book to and where to send it. We have till March 31, 2013 so let’s help out a web-site that helps us all.

Also if you buy a t-shirt  as well as a book ($20), I will donate $7.00. ‘

Not only will you be helping out the Awesome Indies, but also you’ll be getting a  book that raises readers awareness of the importance of preserving our natural environment, and does it so well that it got a BRAG medallion. All money raised for the Awesome Indies through this promotion will be used for advertising the site.

journey of fallen rock

The Journey of Fallen Rock is a children’s story about family, the adventure of traveling coast to coast across this great land and the lesson that we all can enjoy our natural resources while we still protect and preserve them.  The story starts with Chief Mountain Top sending his sons Fallen Rock and Running Water on a journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean with six task to complete, the brother who returns first will be the next chief of their village.

You will get to travel with Fallen Rock on his journey and experience each of his 6 task as he completes them while doing all he can to beat his brother home. You will get to meet along with Fallen Rock members of The Protectors of Our Land as he
travels. Work Zone, Deer Crossing, Exit, Rail Road Crossing, Mile Marker and others and learn how they and the other members of The Protectors of Our Land are all over the world and how they do what ever they can to help protect and preserve all of our natural resources.

Offer ends March 31st. US residents only.

Paperback book $10

(Shipping included)


Paperback book and T shirt $20

(Shipping included)

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