Review: Bang: Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin by David Wailing – contemporary fiction

Review by Elizabeth Jasper

Title: Bang: Memoirs of a Relationship Assassin

Author: David Wailing

By the author of ‘Fake Kate’, ‘Bang: the memoirs of a relationship assassin’ is original, fast-moving contemporary fiction for today. Very well-written in the first person, it conveys present day morality and media hype in a perceptive fashion, showing how shallow characters can delve to ever deeper depths to achieve their own ends at the expense of others.

Pacing is excellent, with plenty of action – some hilarious, some dangerous – alternating with periods of internal dialogue that, far from being boring, are insightful and sympathetic.

On the surface, the premise of this story is clear. If you are tired of your husband/wife, contact Infidelity Ltd and employ Scott Rowley to prove your spouse is cheating on you, even if they are not.  Scott is a relationship assassin, prepared to go to any lengths to prove a partner’s infidelity, including manipulation, charm, lies and seduction. Using his chameleon-like ability to become whoever the target desires most, his success rate is phenomenal. Until, that is, he starts to break his self-imposed ‘rules’, including never breaking up a relationship where even one of the partners is still in love with the other, never working for a third party, and never, ever getting involved. When Scott meets Becky, a target engaged to be married, he finds himself stretching his own rules to breaking point.

Underneath the surface, this book is about identity and what it means.  Is Scott simply a versatile actor using his talents to make money from unprincipled people prepared to pay to get out of their marriage, or does it go deeper?   Does he become the characters he plays and who is he really?

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