Review: Unravelling by Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn – Contemporary fiction

Review for Awesome Indies by Elizabeth Jasper

Title: Unravelling
Author: Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn
Genre: Contemporary fiction

Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn writes with depth, compassion and understanding. The narrative works in two time frames with flashbacks to the earlier lives of Vanessa and her family. Tension builds throughout the book until long-hidden secrets are revealed in an emotional climax. Well, written, well-structured and with good pacing, this is an intelligent and absorbing book. It is a story about love but it is certainly not your usual romance. Far from it. This book explores the selfishness of love and the way it can drive families and lovers apart. The characters, except for Vanessa’s granddaughter, Savannah, are frequently introverted, haunted by the past – especially the relationship between Vanessa, the grandmother, her first husband, Gerald Blackstone and their daughters, Cordelia and Esme, and Vanessa’s second marriage to Andrew and their son, Jake, and all seem unable to break away from their early experiences.

‘Unravelling’ shows the ways in which youthful decisions can have an affect on a family through generations. The story is told from the points of view of Vanessa and Cordelia. As a student, Vanessa falls madly in love with her art tutor, Gerald Blackstone – and very black and stony-hearted he appears to be. On the surface passionate and loving, he is nevertheless deeply selfish and wants nothing more than to control Vanessa and his daughters, even though abandons them in distressing circumstances. Only when he finds himself in a situation he cannot control does he relinquish the iron hold he has always had over Vanessa, Cordelia and Esme – a hold that has blighted their lives for decades.

This book is Awesome Indies quality approved.

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Also Published in paperback by Matador

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  • Joanne Phillips December 17, 2012, 10:19 pm

    I really enjoyed this book, and it is one I’ll return to again. Highly recommended from me, and I’m eagerly awaiting Lindsay’s next novel.

  • Polly Robinson December 17, 2012, 10:37 pm

    Like Joanne, I can’t wait for Lindsay’s second novel, The Piano Player’s Son, which is due out next year. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of Unravelling ~ absolutely not your typical romance ~ deep and thought-provoking.


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