Review: Demoneater & Demonocity by Royce Buckingham – Middle Grade, contemporary fantasy

Review by Tahlia Newland.  A list of all her reviews can be seen here.

Title: Demoneater  & Demonocity
Author: Royce Buckingham
Publisher: Story Merchant Books
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Paranormal

Demoneater & Demonocity, two books from the Demonkeeper series, are terrific books, not just for boys, who Royce Buckingham aims his books at, but for anyone who wants an action filled tale with a lovely touch of humour and, best of all, an interesting conceptual basis.

These demons are born of chaos, but rather than kill them, Demonkeepers, keep the demons safe from the humans and the humans safe from the demons. Without chaos our world is sterile, boring, too predictable, so chaos and its demonic manifestations must remain. It’s a great idea and the ramifications of it are beautifully laid out in these novels. Minor demons include such things as carpets that trip you, cameras that wobble, beds and blankets that move, ladders that walk, the froth on beer, dust motes and so on. The major demons are elementals, the demons of earth, water, air and fire. These guys can grow and get out of control, but to Demonkeepers they are as innocent and worth protecting as wild animals are to a zookeeper.

Blurb: Ever since his mentor disappeared, Nathaniel Grimlock has been charged with the responsibility of keeping the demons that live in his old, rickety house… alone. Demons are all around us. Most of them are relatively harmless, but some are dangerous… some can kill.   In Demoneater and Demonocity, the demons are back and causing more chaos than ever in the rainy city of Seattle. Whether the demons are burning their way through the Seattle underground or threatening to topple the Space Needle, it’s Nat’s job to keep them under control.

I really can’t fault these books. They’re unique, well structured, well paced and simply and effectively written for young readers. They build, like wind in a vortex, to battles where our young heroes & heroines must dig deep into their resources in order to vanquish the enemy —the stuff of all good tales. The books also make you look at the world a little more deeply, a quality I love in a book. Reading them helps you to appreciate chaos and its role in the world, and makes you look more closely at that carpet you keep tripping over.

If I had boys, these books would definitely be on their Kindles, but girls will love them too. They’d be great read aloud to a variety of ages. Indisputably 5 stars and a place on the Awesome Indies listing.

In addition to Demoneater and Demonocity, Royce Buckingham is the author of Demonkeeper, Goblins! and The Dead Boys. He also writes for Random House’s Penhaligon imprint in Germany, where Demonkeeper – named the International Reading Association’s Children’s Choice for 2008 – was a bestseller.

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