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Update, 22nd September – We now have enough reviewers for posting on this site, but if you have the right qualifications and can offer reviews to authors for posting on another review site, please use the contact form to let me know. I would love to add your contact to our reviewers page and have you suggest books for inclusion in the site. Authors would contact you directly.

Most authors will tell you that it is difficult to get book bloggers to review their books. Such bloggers tend to have so many authors requesting reviews that they are overloaded. (Personally, I presently have few books in my Indie pile so you’re an Indie author wanting a review please check my review policy, and if you think I’ll like your book,  fill in the form. )

Even harder though, is to find reviewers who write well thought out, comprehensive reviews, and that’s where the Awesome Indies site comes in. Here, we do. Here we are committed to excellence in publishing, and our reviews are an important way to support authors who reach professional standards. This site is an important moderator of Indie and self-published books in the market place, but there are a lot of books out there needing reviews and not enough people reviewing to the level we require.

The Awesome Indies needs reviewers who can write comprehensive reviews. 

The reading public needs such reviews. Authors need such reviews.

Who writes or can write such reviews?
They could be authors (published or unpublished), editors, people with degrees in or studying English Literature or Creative Writing, or just readers who read widely and know enough about the craft of writing to be able to evaluate the following

  • the plot is well structured, well paced  and engaging
  • the characters are well developed and their dialogue and interactions with others are believable.
  • the book is not excessively wordy, particularly, no rambling descriptions, dumps of information, unnecessary repetition or irrelevant scenes.
  • changes in the point of view of the writing are clear, specifically no confusing quick jumps from the thoughts of one character to another and back again. (head-hopping).
  • the writing is immediate and engaging. This means that the story is generally shown rather than told, and the writing is active rather than passive, eg doesn’t overuse forms of the verb, ‘to be’.
  • the grammar, spelling and punctuation are consistent and correct for the author’s country of origin.

If you have this understanding and are committed to keeping the standards of writing high in this new world where anyone can publish so anyone does, please consider writing reviews for us.

If you’re interested send me a message using the form on the About page. If you’re not sure if you can write the kind of review we are looking for or not, just write one and I’ll have a look at it.

A note to authors
I know that a lot of you don’t write reviews for fear of reprisals from disgruntled authors, but Indie published authors need you to do so if they are to stand alongside the traditionally published on equal terms.

You don’t have to publish negative reviews, and if you write a polite, well considered reviews where your personal  likes are separated somewhat from your evaluation of the author’s level of skill in writing, there is nothing an author can complain about. Should anyone do so here, they would simply be showing their lack of professionalism. So take the challenge. I have learned a lot and my writing has improved immensely from writing reviews of others books.

I would like this blog to be publishing a post a day. To do that, I need your help.

Anyone game?

About Tahlia Newland

I'm an award-winning author who writes heart-warming and inspiring magical realism and contemporary fantasy. I also mentor authors. When I'm not reading, writing or reviewing I might be found doing a very casual teaching day at the local high school, making decorative masks or sitting on my veranda and staring at the Australian rain-forest. You can see all my books on my website at
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16 Responses to Reviewers needed

  1. I just looked, I have about 4 or 5 reviews on Amazon for Indie books I enjoyed, however, they are fairly short reviews. I might be able to elaborate on them a bit though.

    • Have a look at the kind of review Jen Blood and I write, for an idea of what we’d like, but basically, so long as you check the things I’ve listed (you don’t have to mention them all, but you need to check them) and talk about the story & themes where relevant. That would cover it. Have a look at my review policy (link at the top of the post) to see how I go about rating books. I’ll email you too.

  2. Ah, too bad you don’t read thrillers — I just wrote a cracker.

    Anyway, I’d consider this, but it would be sporadic. I’m plotting my next book, so there’s plenty of time to read while ideas morph in the back space of my forebrain. But November/December will be 100% first draft and I’ll have no time for other reads. Then in Jan through to AprilI’ill be doing edits and plotting for number eight and again, more time for reading.

    Is that an issue?

    • Hi Tony, yeah, I bet it is a cracker too. Trouble is I can’t sleep when I read thrillers & that’s not healthy for me. If you’re looking for a good review though, check out the reviewers page here because quite a few of those listed do read thrillers & they all recommend for us here.

      As for sporadic, that is absolutely fine, and I know you have the knowledge needed to do the kind of evaluation we require. As a reviewer, you have the right to choose or reject books depending on your taste and availability, so you can control the timing. I’ll email you so we can talk about it more.

  3. I *would* make the only typo in a sentence about editing…

  4. I do reviews on my own blog currently and have a back list of 5 or 6 to do. Would be willing to help out. My personal approach has been that I will only do a public review if I feel I can rate it a 3 or better, Anything less and I send personal feedback to the author.

  5. Ian Carroll says:

    Hi. I’d be willing to write reviews for you. I have an MA in Writing. I’d also like to submit my own book for review as well if you don’t mind. Cheers. Ian.

  6. Jan Needle says:

    Hallo Tahlia. I’d be happy to have a go if you want me to. Thrillers, mysteries, horror – anything to keep me awake at night. Gillian Flynn, for example! Drop me a line. Yours, Jan

  7. Thanks Ian and Jan, I’ll be in touch

  8. I’d be happy to consider some books. I generally prefer non-fiction. Get in contact with me if you need assistance with reviews. Indie Writers are more than welcome to contact me, too.

    • Thanks Gaston, but we don’t list non fiction. I have enough new reviewers now anyway.

    • Ian Carroll says:

      Hi Gaston. I have a non-fiction book that I published this week as an ebook and I’d be very grateful if you would read and review it. It’s called Israel/Palestine – a 4000 year history. It is told from a story-teller’s perspective so it is not as daunting as it might sound! Can I send you the word document to read. Otherwise, will you have to buy it from Amazon? I look forward to hearing from you. Ian.

      • Hi Ian,

        Your books sounds interesting. I’d like to look at it further before I agree. I just searched for it on amazon but couldn’t find it. Could you please give me that exact name of the book and where I will find it?


  9. Ok, I just found it. I’m interested. My email is
    Send me an email and we can organize. I will not require the word or pdf docs for your information. I believe you can gift it to me via amazon.

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